Verkehrslandeplatz Schönhagen

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Schonhagen Airport
Koordinaten N52°12′13″ E013°9′23″
Höhe 40 m / 131 ft
GAFOR Gebiet 17
Name Callsign Frequency
Schönhagen Info EDAZ_I_TWR 131.150
Bremen Radar (Berlin departure) EDDB_S_DEP 120.620
Berlin Director EDDB_U_APP 121.120
Bremen Radar (Berlin Arrival South) EDDB_S_APP 126.420
Bremen Radar (BOR Börde) EDWW_B_CTR 123.220
Bremen Radar (Complete) EDWW_CTR 133.720
Langen Information (FIS, EDWW) EDWW_I_CTR 119.820
131.150 Schönhagen Information EDAZ_I_TWR
126.425 Bremen Radar EDDB_S_APP
123.225 Bremen Radar EDWW_B_CTR
124.175 Bremen Radar EDWW_M_CTR
Identifier Dimensions Heading Surface
07 1510m x 23m 070° Asphalt
12 700m x 18m 120° Asphalt
12 760m x 40m 120° Gras
25 1510m x 23m 250° Asphalt
30 700m x 18m 300° Asphalt
30 760m x 40m 300° Gras
07/25 1510x23 m (4954x75 ft) Asphalt
12/30 700x18 m (2297x59 ft) Asphalt
12/30 760x40 m (2494x131 ft) Gras
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Am Verkehrslandeplatz Schönhagen ist offiziell folgender IFR- und VFR-Flugbetrieb zugelassen:

Motorflugzeuge (MTOW nicht bekannt)
Hubschrauber (MTOW nicht bekannt)
Ballone Nein Segelflugzeuge Ja
Luftschiffe Nein Motorsegelflugzeuge Ja
Fallschirmabsprung Ja Ultraleichtflugzeuge Ja
Nachtflug Ja

RMZ Schönhagen


VFR Betrieb

  • äußere Südplatzrunde - Motorflug - 1000 ft MSL
  • äußere Südplatzrunde - Ultraleichtflug - 700 ft MSL + 1000 ft MSL
  • innere Südplatzrunde - Segelflug


IFR Betrieb

General Procedures

IFR-Arrivals for runway 25 will be conflicting with departures and Go Arounds on runway 25L in Berlin-Brandenburg (EDDB). Therefore, all movements on 25L will be stopped as long as there is an IFR arriving aircraft on the RNP25 approach to Schönhagen. It is recommended to not fly IFR to EDAZ during peak hours in Berlin. When requesting the RNP approach, pilots may experience huge delays. During 07-Ops in EDDB there are no restrictions for EDAZ-Inbounds.

Departure Procedures

  • Usually, Schönhagen Information is responsible for forwarding the IFR clearance. If this position isn't online the top-down-covering unit will take over this role. In this case either EDDB_S_DEP (25 in use)/EDDB_U_APP (07 in use), EDDB_S_APP, EDWW_B_CTR or EDWW_M_CTR (in this order).

Keep in mind that Bremen Radar will only give you clearance on ground and will not provide further service until you are airborne.

Endpoint SID Runway Initial Climb After Take-Off Remark
BOLBO 1N* 07 2000 ft contact
Bremen Radar
1A* 25
Not for real life navigation - flight simulator use only!

(*) = Departure Routes have altitude and/or speed restrictions (Climb via SID)

Arrival Procedures

Startpoint STAR Runway Holding Fix Holding course Turn direction Minimum holding altitude Remarks
- - 25 MOSEX 020 right 3000 ft -
Not for real life navigation - flight simulator use only!

Approach Procedures

Runway Type IAF IF FAF/FAP FAF/FAP altitude Final Course Frequency
25 RNP (LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LPV) MOSEX AZ250 TRIBY 1700 ft 252° EGNOS CH 87855 E25A
Not for real life navigation - flight simulator use only!