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Verkehrslandeplatz Hassfurt-Schweinfurt SOP

Aus VATSIM Germany
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Airport data


  • The airport has an RMZ vom GND to 1000ft AGL
  • Transition altitude: 5000ft
  • Traffic Pattern VFR: south of the runway
  • Traffic Pattern for Glider: north and south of the runway

General airport information

  • Elevation: 420ft
  • 1 Runway: (03/21) 1043x23m ASPHALT
  • Runway 03/21: for VFR/IFR Traffic
  • Taxiways and Layout: see charts


If no Aerodome Info Service is online, departures and arrivals use UNICOM. If an AFIS Controller is online IFR Clearance request shall be forwarded to him. The IFR Clearance + IFR Release must be coordinated with the radar station above. RNAV/GPS Departures are able from both runway sites, but there is only one RNP Approach to Runway 29 due to airspace structure from EDDN.

Info-Tower (I_TWR)

  • The holdings points are located before taxiway A and shall be used for IFR only.

Additional duties

  • Arriving and departing traffic from the south must be below 5500ft due to Class D Airspace of EDDN

Stations and frequencies

  • Hassfurt Info(EDQT_I_TWR) 119.800
  • München Radar (FRKL Franken Low)(EDDN_APP) 129.520
  • Muenchen Radar (BBG Bamberg)(EDMM_B_CTR) 133.600
  • Muenchen Radar (GER Gera)(EDMM_G_CTR) 133.220
  • München Radar (RDG Roding)(EDMM_R_CTR) 132.550
  • München Radar (Complete)(EDMM_CTR) 124.050