Flughafen Saarbrücken SOP

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Saarbrücken Airport Briefing

Airport data


  • CTR Saarbrücken (Control zone) class D (HX) – from ground level up to 3600 MSL, Transition altitude: 5000ft
  • VFR approaches/departures via ECHO 1 and 2, SIERRA, and NOVEMBER 1 and 2 max. 3000 MSL
  • VFR Traffic patterns: north and south of the runway
  • APP sector: ground level up to FL245 (Pfalz sector)

General airport information

  • Elevation: 1058ft
  • Runway: 09/27 2000x45m ASPHALT
  • Runway 09/27 is for VFR and IFR traffic
  • Grass runway not in use
  • ILS CAT1 (only runway 27) certified
  • Taxiways and ground layout: see charts


If a certain ATC station is not in service, the next higher active ATC station is responsible for providing ATC Service

Tower (TWR)

  • Provides ATC service for all VFR traffic with origin or destination EDDR, and CTR crossings
  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDDR (IFR traffic on final approach and departures up to 3600ft MSL)
  • Departing IFR traffic switches to departure frequency immediately when airborne
  • Initial climb 4000 ft except SIDs via GTQ (FL 80)
  • GTQ-SIDs need very high climb rate, make sure, pilot can comply

Approach (APP)

  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDDR, EDRZ and ETAR
  • Provides ATC service for VFR traffic outside CTR Saarbrücken, TMZ around airport
  • Non-Precision Instrument Approaches for RWYs 27/09
  • Precision Instrument Approach only for RWY 27
  • STAR entry fixes: LUX and TOMPI
  • Holdings are over TOMPI and ZWN
  • If Reims CTR (sometimes Paris CTR covers this region too) is online, handoff of GTQ-Departures as soon as possible


Approach Sector Saarbrücken (Pfalz)

Additional duties

  • Assignment of the appropriate SID to departing traffic (see SID charts remarks)
  • Supervision of traffic executing a published missed approach procedure (which ends over ZWN DVOR/DME – caution: potential conflict to other IFR traffic)