Flughafen Saarbrücken Pilotenbriefing

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Always have charts available! The easiest way to find some charts is to use Chartfox (Vatsim Login required).

Departing Traffic

Start-Up and Enroute (IFR) Clearance

In Germany you have to request “start-up” to get your IFR clearance. This does not include the pushback, therefore a separate approval is required!

  • Always check the current ATIS first!
  • Report Callsign, ATIS Information and request start-up
    (e.g. “Lufthansa 12FU, Information A, request start-up and enroute clearance.”)
  • Only request start-up when you are ready for pushback within the next 5 minutes
  • Clearance also available via Datalink (PDC/DCL via Hoppie ACARS System) - check Controller Info for Airport Code!
  • Valid routes out of Saarbrücken are available via grd.aero-nav.com.
  • There are a number of different SID available for different performances, please always make sure you will fly the assigned one.
  • Almost all routes are noise abatement routes. If you are unable look forward to the unrestricted ZWN (Zweibrücken) Departures.


There is no pushback on any position required. Please contact the Controller after the startup clearance for taxi.


There are no useful intersections you can expect. If you a light General Aviation Aircraft, you might get the intersection B. Keep in mind that in departing Runway 09 you then have max. 950m Runway length and on departing Runway 27 max. 1000m.


Departing IFR traffic have to contact Langen Radar without separate instruction, immediately when airborne. You will always find the correct departure frequency in the ATIS info.

Arriving Traffic


There are no Stars available at Saarbrücken. There is a 250KTS/FL100 restriction at EDDR within airspace E (more or less everywhere around the airport). Normal descent speeds are 250kt until instructed by ATC. As a general guidance on base you should be around 220kt, when cleared for the final approach between 200-180kt. Expect to cross the FAF/FAP between 200 -180kt and to maintain 170kt until 5 DME.

Expect RNAV Arrivals into EDDR. There is only an ILS CAT I on Runway 27 available. Controllers are instructed to leave enough space for full runway use.

Additional Information

Permitted Aircrafts

Traffic with WTC Heavy is not permitted to land in EDDR. Also for all other aircraft there is not gate available.