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Mannheim CTR(HX) is a class D airspace from ground to 2000 ft MSL.

Authorized aircraft

Only the following aircraft are allowed to land at Mannheim City Airport:

On the hard surface RWY:

  • Airplanes up to 10.000 kg MPM
  • DO 328/110/120/130
  • Dash 8/series 100 and 300
  • ATR 42-500
  • Falcon 50, 2000, 900 EX/DX
  • Challenger 300
  • Cessna 680
  • Embraer Legacy 450, 500

On the grass RWY:

  • Airplanes up to 5.700 kg MPM

Parking Positions

Prefered parking for Airlines are the two taxi-out positions in front of the Terminal. Other aircraft can be parked either at the positions 1 - 5, the hangars or at the grass area. For refueling the gas station east of taxiway A is used.

VFR Flights

Next to the hard surface runway a grass runway (27/09, 795 x 30m) is availavle for Light Type aircraft up to 5.700 kg MPM.

VFR traffic can leave the CTR via the following routings:
RWY 27: Romeo, Whiskey, Sierra
RWY 09:Kilo, Echo, Sierra

VFR traffic can enter the CTR via the following routings:
RWY 27: Kilo, Sierra
RWY 09: Romeo

Due to noise abatement reasons the southern traffic pattern is prefered and should be used as often as practical. VFR traffic should not overfly the city of Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and the surrounding villages. Additionally there are 3 hospitals with helicopter landing sites W/NW of the airport (see VFR Chart for details).

IFR Departures

All IFR departures will get one of the SIDs out of Mannheim. Prior takeoff clearance a departure release by Langen Radar (by Sector NKR, but most of the time HEF if combined) is required for all IFR flights.


Mannheim City Airport has a non-standard 3,7° degrees approach path for RWY 27. Only for this runway published approaches (LOC, RNAV/RNP) are available. If the tailwind for RWY 27 is too high, RWY 09 is only available with a circle to land south of the field.

For all IFR or SVFR landings at RWY 27 a minimum ground visibility of 1800 m is required.