Flughafen Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden SOP

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Airport data


  • CTR Karlsruhe (Control zone) – from ground level up to 2500 MSL
  • Transition altitude: 5000ft
  • Traffic Pattern VFR: north and south of the runway
  • APP Sector: from ground level up to FL145

General airport information

  • Elevation: 409ft
  • 1 Runway: (03/21) 3000x45m ASPHALT/CONCRETE
  • Runway 21/03: for VFR/IFR Traffic
  • CATI certified
  • Taxiways and Layout: see charts
  • Helipads: 2


If a certain ATC station is not in service, the next higher active ATC station is responsible for providing ATC Service

Ground (GND)

  • Provides startup and enroute clearances
  • Provides pushback and taxi on the entire airport

Tower (TWR)

  • Provides ATC service for all VFR traffic with origin or destination EDSB, and CTR crossings
  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin of destination EDSB
  • Departing IFR traffic switches to departure frequency without separate instruction, immediately when airborne, but must be reminded of departure frequency when T/O clearance is issued
  • VFR departures leaving CTRs: exit via ECHO, NOVEMBER, or SIERRA
  • VFR departures entering CTRs: enter via BRAVO or ROMEO

Approach (APP)

  • Responsible approach sector is EDDS_N_APP
  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDDS, EDSB, EDTY, and EDTL
  • Provides ATC service for VFR traffic outside CTR Karlsruhe
  • Coordinated handoff level from Center to Approach: FL140
  • Coordinated handoff level from Approach to Center: as early as possible
  • Precision instrument approaches for RWY 21/03
  • Non-Precision instrument approaches for RWY 21/03
  • Star entry fixes: LADAT, KRH, and SUL (see chart for clearance limits)
  • No transitions available – use radar vectors
  • Holdings: see charts


  • To the east of EDSB mountains raise the MRVA to up to 6100ft. A detailed MRVA chart is available on the MRVA chart of LFST (Strasbourg)
  • In general issuing a standard ILS APP via the IAF KBA (KRH and IAF for RWY21) is advised.

Additional duties

  • TWR must coordinate published missed approach procedure (or RWY heading/5000ft/ for Go-Arounds) with Langen Radar before service
  • RWY direction 21 is preferred for usage up to a tailwind component of 5 knots