Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn SOP

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Airport data


  • CTR Hahn (Control zone) class D – from ground level up to 3500 MSL
  • Transition altitude: 5000 ft
  • VFR approach/departure via ECHO, WHISKEY, SIERRA max 3500 MSL, via NOVEMBER max 2500 MSL

General airport information

  • Elevation: 1649 ft
  • one Runway: 3800x45m BITUMEN
  • Runway 03/21 is for VFR/IFR Traffic
  • Up to CATIII certified
  • Taxiways and airport layout: see charts
  • TWY D cannot be used by heavy aircraft exceeding 14.000 kg MTOW
  • TWY A between TWY D and E for aircraft up to category C (wingspan below 36 m) only
  • runway 21 in use: Aircraft higher than category C use backtrack on runway and vacate via E or F, for turning use pad at C or vacating at end of runway B1 and entering it again via B2
  • Helipads: see charts
  • Parking for passenger aircraft: A1-B3, for Cargo: D1-F4
  • General aviation parking: Apron 2


If a certain ATC station is not in service, the next higher active ATC station is responsible for providing ATC Service

Ground (GND)

  • Provides startup and enroute clearances
  • Provides pushback and taxi

Tower (TWR)

  • Provides ATC service for all VFR traffic with origin or destination EDFH, and CTR crossing
  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDFH (IFR traffic on final approach and departures up to 3600ft MSL)
  • Departing IFR traffic switches to Approach (APP) frequency without separate instruction, immediately when airborne
  • VFR traffic exiting the control zone via reporting point NOVEMBER must stay at or below 2500 ft, for all other reporting points maximum is 3500 ft

Approach (APP)

  • Provides ATC service for all IFR traffic with origin or destination EDFH, ETAD and ETSB
  • Precision Instrument approaches for runway 03/21
  • Non-precision instrument approaches for runway 03/21
  • STAR entry fixes are ROPUV, EMGOD, SIPVU and OLIVI
  • IAF for all IFR approaches (except transitions) is HAN NDB
  • Arrivals are
    • runway 21: ROPUV, ROLIS, OLGIL and OLIVI (A and B)
    • runway 03: ROPUV, EMGOD, OLGIL and OLIVI (K and J)
  • ROLIS arrival cross the UNOKO-Transition for EDDF, keep traffic below FL100 if possible
  • Procedures for transitions: see charts
  • Holdings are over HAN NDB, FH415 and FH515


Approach Sector Frankfurt Hahn

Additional duties

  • Assign correct SID to depart traffic (S/E for light and medium aircraft, L/T for heavy aircraft)
  • Supervision of traffic executing a published missed approach procedure (which ends over HAN NDB at 5000ft (overhead of field) – caution: potential conflict to other IFR traffic