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Bremen Pilotbriefing

Aus VATSIM Germany
(Weitergeleitet von Flughafen Bremen Pilotenbriefing)

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It is highly recommended to have an up-to-date Scenery installed. Current sceneries do not represent the airport layout you see in your charts.
Known differences

  • Ramp 2 renamed R
  • Taxiway B removed
  • Stand 01A renamed 01; former 01 now 02 etc.


Login Callsign Frequency Remarks
EDDW_ATIS Bremen ATIS 132.375 - -
EDDW_DEL Bremen Delivery 134.825 - The frequencies
are ordered by
their priority.
When departing always
choose the first
available station from
the top for
your initial call
EDDW_GND Bremen Ground 121.750 -
EDDW_TWR Bremen Tower 120.325 -
EDDW_APP Bremen Radar 124.800 -
EDDW_F_APP Bremen Director 120.350 Callsign only
EDWW_E_CTR Bremen Radar 124.075 -
EDWW_A_CTR Bremen Radar 123.925 -
EDWW_CTR Bremen Radar 133.725 -


When flying on Vatsim you should always have charts available! Free charts are available at Chartfox (Vatsim Login required).

Departing Traffic

Before Connecting to VATSIM

Please make sure you have a current version of your Navdata and a valid route. Valid routes are available at https://grd.aero-nav.com/.

  • Stand 10A for heavy aircraft
  • Airbus hangars north of taxiway F between E and intersection F

Delivery – Clearance (Start-up and Enroute Clearance)

SIDs in brackets are rarely used.

Waypoint RWY 27 RWY 09
EEL K (W) Q (E)

When requesting your “Clearance” in Germany, you will always receive “start-up” and your IFR (Enroute) Clearance – “start-up” does not mean that you are allowed to pushback.

  • Valid routes are available at https://grd.aero-nav.com/
  • Always check the current ATIS!
  • “Eurowings4345, Information X, request start-up and enroute clearance”
  • You should only request your clearance when you are ready for pushback within the next 5 minutes.
  • You can also receive your clearance via Datalink (https://www.hoppie.nl/pub/) if it is stated in the Controller Info
  • The controller will tell you the SID, the initial climb and the squawk. (Pen and Paper might be useful)

Ground – Pushback

As the apron in Bremen is not the biggest, it is even more important that you only request pushback when you are able to start it immediately after receiving the approval. To keep a good flow of traffic ATC might instruct you to do a specific pushback-routing (e.g. into another taxiway, push and then pull forward, etc.) Always report when unable or if you do not understand the instruction.

  • Set your assigned squawk and turn on your transponder before offblock
  • Be ready for taxi as soon as possible to avoid delay for other aircraft

Ground – Taxi

During taxi the controller might tell you to hold short of certain taxiways or give way to other aircrafts. To not cause any conflicts it is very important to follow the instructions correctly or to ask if you are unsure what to do.

Tower/Radar – Departure

When airborne contact the Departure Controller on the Frequency stated in the ATIS, the charts or that was given to you by the Delivery Controller! You will not receive a handoff by Tower. Do not climb above your initial climb until advised by ATC!

Arriving Traffic

Radar – Descend

Always check the ATIS and report the current letter to the Arrival Controller during your initial call. In the ATIS you will find the active landing runway and the approach type you can expect.


Waypoint 27 and 09


Waypoint Course and turns
EKROV 254°
right turns
GIBMA 181°
right turns
PIXUR 347°
left turns
VERED 297°
right turns
BMN 177°
right turns

Arrival – Approach

When contacting Bremen Director report your Callsign only! In periods of low traffic, expect shortcuts to one of the DWxxx Waypoints or radar vectors. Be prepared!

Tower – Landing

Arriving jets with MTOW >20t shall vacate via A unless otherwise instructed by ATC! Expedite vacating the runway. Contact the ground controller only when instructed to do so!

During taxi the controller might tell you to hold short of certain taxiways or give way to other aircrafts. To not cause any conflicts it is very important to follow the instructions correctly or to ask if you are unsure what to do!

VFR Traffic

Looking for free VFR Charts in Germany? Have look here https://www.openflightmaps.org/ed-germany/

As you can see on the map Bremen has 4 Visual Reporting Points (VRPs). When entering or leaving the CTR please use the VRPs. State your desired VRP when contacting ATC. Cross VRP in Bremen 2000ft or below,

NAV West dock connected to river Weser Highway exit A1 near Groß Ippener Turn of B6 near city Barrien Highway exit A1 on B6 near Brinkum

Feel free to cross the CTR to have a look at the places Bremen and the surrounding area is known for!