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  • Aircraft complying with RNAV-1 shall file the RNAV STARs.
  • Pilots will receive instructions to intercept the base leg or final approach from ATC. If on reaching the endpoint of the STAR no clearance to intercept the base leg or final approach has been issued the current flight track shall be maintained.
  • Aircraft arriving via KOJEC/LUXBO will usually be assigned runway 26R/08L.
  • Aircraft arriving via YAWOY/GOXLI will usually be assigned runway 26L/08R.
Startpoint STAR Runway Holding Fix Holding course Turn direction Minimum holding altitude Remarks
GOT 1E 08L GOT 083° right 5000 ft Only available if not RNAV-1 equipped.
1G 08R
1L 26L
1W 26R
GOXLI 1R 08R (08L) GOXLI 082° right 5000 ft RNAV-1 required.
On downwind expect radar vectors to final.
Maintain downwind track beyond endpoint
if no succeeding instruction (vector / clearance for approach) is received.
1V 26L (26R)
KOJEC 1R 08L (08R) KOJEC 082° left 5000 ft
1V 26R (26L)
LUXBO 1R 08L (08R) LUXBO 300° right 5000 ft
1V 26R (26L)
YAWOY 1R 08R (08L) YAWOY 263° left 5000 ft
1V 26L (26R)
GOT = "Gotem"
Not for real life navigation - flight simulator use only!